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We invite you to download this music from Risa Kaparos's award-winning album, Grateful, which has been gifted for this purpose and offered freely, for the Flashmob dance on Mother's Day.


A video with the simple choreography will be available May 1st on this website.  However, feel free to download and have fun dancing your heart alive in whatever way you choose.  We encourage you to video record your group dancing, and we would be happy to post it on our website for people to see from all over the world! Visit our Media/Hosting page for more information on sending us your dance video.

We also invite other musicians to play along:

key: Dm

tempo: 120  


Risa Kaparo: vocals

Richard Fammerée: vocals, keyboards

Robert Baabe Irving III: Arranging, piano, keyboards, sequencing & programming

Steve Gibons: violin

Steven Hashomoto: bass

Ernie Adams: drums, percussion


Vocals: Isha Molinea Lewis, Adero Neely, Diane Madison, Paula Miller, Melissa Dittmann World Voices: Kuni Ishibashi, Japanese; Farah Chami, Arabic; Hicham Chami, Morrocan; Wiestaw Chludzinski, Polish; Claudine Caralis, French, Italian; D. Cheung, Mandarin, Anna Karassik, Russian; Steve Gibons, Romanian; Emigdio Marabotto, Spanish, Italian; Somer Sugit, Turkish; Agape Pappas, Greek; Stefan Pressling, German; Ben Shamir, Hebrew; Oacey Ileaxe, Portugese; Elise Paschen (Osage) Thanks to the Osage Language Program, Pawhuska.

For inspiration, check out this Flashmob video from our sister organization Dancing Without Borders:

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