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CoPresencing: The Art of Dialogue as Social Meditation


A Dialogue on Dialogue

with Risa Kaparo, Ph.D., Director, Inquiry and originator of CoPresencing℠ and Somatic Learning®

and Guy Sengstock, Director, The Circling Institute, originator of Circling

Volume 1: CoPresencing in Compassionate Listening and Conflict Resolution

Our mission: Promoting peace through awakening somatic intelligence to empower humanity to participate compassionately in creative dialogue with embodied mindfulness.


CoPresencing supports the evolution of human consciousness by transcending the incoherencies inherent in our system of thought.  As thought itself becomes more self-sensing, self-organizing, self-correcting and self-renewing through awakening somatic intelligence.  This relational yoga empowers people to participate creatively and compassionately, in addressing global challenges by dimensionally extending awareness, so we no longer attempt to solve problems from the same level of thought that created them.

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